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A word from Simon

As some of you know, I’m a big football fan. Not a huge sports fan, I know nothing about rugby, golf or motorsports, but I do know about kicking the round thing into the rectangular thing (if only Liverpool would do it more!).

Football, like many other sports, has become obsessed with statistics. When a player is substituted, the TV coverage now displays how many kms they’ve run, how many key passes they’ve played and how many interceptions they’ve made. Some of it is educational and some of it seems fairly meaningless, but people are pretty interested in this stuff.
There’s nowhere to hide if you’re a lazy player now – if the goalkeeper has run more than the winger, it’s clear to see there’s something wrong!

Liverpool signed a great little player called Adam Lallana a few seasons ago, and his running stats were off the charts – an exceptionally hard worker. Trouble was that the really important stats – goals scored and goals created – were sadly lacking. Thankfully he has now turned it around and his brilliant running is accompanied with some end product.

I think some of this feeds into the essential, life and death issue of discipleship. There are churches that are lazy – plain to see – they don’t do anything! Christians that are totally inactive in living out their faith. The poor stats or the fruitlessness tells the tale – as Dallas Willard said “Grace is opposed to earning – it is not opposed to effort!”
But there are also Churches and individuals that are like Adam Lallana, once described by a commentator as “a busy fool” – they run around doing things, but without scoring goals! They have endless meetings, they run oceans of services, but without the desired outcome.

One of those most challenging passages in Scripture is Luke 13, where Jesus describes a scene at the end of the age. He says there’ll be people knocking and pleading to get into Heaven claiming to have been busy for the Kingdom, but He will turn them away saying that He never knew them. This is a huge reminder that even if we’re really active, the key question is do we know Him? That’s the goal. That’s discipleship – getting to know Jesus by being with Him, and by a total commitment to follow Him wherever He goes.

This term we want to encourage you to be really intentional about your own discipleship and these are some opportunities to grow in your relationship with Christ over the next number of months:

• Sunday mornings : “Mark’s Good News” – We will be moving carefully through the Gospel of Mark seeking to encounter Jesus afresh and respond to Him.

• 1st and 3rd (plus 5th if there is one!) Sunday evenings: “Live Freely, Live Lightly” – The Christian life is marked by grace but also requires discipline. This new series will highlight the practices of a healthy disciple who has discovered and applied the Way of Jesus.

• Wednesday evenings in Magheralin 7:45-9pm: This term we are having a Bible Study exploring the characteristics of Christ’s disciples and what He taught them. Our Sunday morning and evening teaching will be complemented by you coming along to the Bible Study and delving deep under the skin of the disciples – ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

• Men’s Alpha – We are so excited to be inviting our men to Edenmore for a very special Alpha Course just for them.
Like most things worth achieving in life, from getting healthy to learning a new language, discipleship takes effort. Maybe you have never been part of anything more than a Sunday morning service – why not try something more this term and really invest in your spiritual health.

Bless you and all aboard the disciple-ship!

A Mission Focussed End of August!

You’ve heard the phrase given to children desperate for a household pet but unaware of the commitment needed – “A dog is for life not just for Christmas!!” Well it’s always important to remember that ‘mission’ definitely isn’t just for summer – it’s for all of life!!
But the summer season offers a unique opportunity to go to other places and share the Gospel in a very intentional way.  We praise God for news that a number from our parish are going overseas to serve, or to camps or festivals as leaders! At the end of the August we have some special events focussing on Mission from a number of exciting and differing perspectives!
On Sunday the 20th of August, we will be welcoming Sue Trenier to our morning services to share about her fascinating life of serving God.  Here’s just a snippet of her story:
God began making me uncomfortable regarding my commitment and I followed His calling to attend Bible School, leaving behind my career in nursing. Studying the Bible was amazing and God grew me and lead me to respond to His calling to go to Irian Jaya in Indonesia later to change its name to West Papua. 
I left for West Papua in January 1978 to join teams working among many unreached tribal groups in the vast interior of the island. Over the 39 years serving with the fledging and later large independent Evangelical Church of Indonesia. It was my privilege to work in medical work, women’s work, language analyses and Bible Translation among the Hupla Tribe and other neighbouring groups. I have now returned to Scotland since June 2016 and am still in the process of settling back into ‘normal life’. 
As well as hearing from Sue, we will also be hearing a brief report from some of those from our own parish that have been serving overseas.
Then in the evening of the 20th August, we are delighted to be hearing from a couple at the start of their overseas missionary life.  Chris and Hannah Agnew are preparing to move to Peru in September 2017 serving with SAMS (South American Mission Society). They are an amazing couple and its an absolute joy to have them coming along to share.
Last, but definitely not least, on Tuesday the 22nd August, starting at 7:30 in Dollingstown, we are hosting part of the Worldwide Bangor Missionary Convention in St.Saviour’s.  It will be a night of worship and stories that will inform, challenge and encourage us about the mission of God in the world! Charlene’s Project will be contributing and needs no introduction, but for anyone who hasn’t heard of Archbishop Orombi, he served as Archbishop of Uganda and Bishop of Kampala from 2004 until his retirement in December 2012.  He spoke at New Wine a few years ago and is a wonderful communicator.
Below is a link to the artwork for Worldwide Bangor Missionary Convention Night in St.Saviour’s:

Tent Mission in Magheralin

We are delighted to support a tent mission happening in Magheralin in June.  Simon, our Rector will be one of the speakers, and there will be a variety of music at each meeting from 8pm each night.  Everyone is welcome!!

Directions from Lurgan:  After passing through Magheralin the tent will be on your left a short distance out of the village!

Simon says… (words from the Rector)

There’s a song by a band called One Republic that’s opening words captivated me a while ago and I thought I would share a few thoughts about them with you.  The song “Counting Stars” is most certainly not a Christian one but the first verse just stirs something in my soul!!
Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But, baby I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars, we’ll be counting stars
Yeah, we’ll be counting stars…

These lyrics (taken horribly out of context) remind me of Genesis 15, as God invites Abraham to “look up at the sky and count the stars–if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”  This is the sort of stuff that causes me to lose sleep. I want us to be a Phd Church (Preaching, Healing and Delivering) that is adding members to the family every day! I want us to be daily discovering new stars as we minister into these villages – the harvest is plentiful!
You see, having been here for over the 6 months now, let me give you a report.  God is building something special in our parish.  I take no glory in it – it was building before I arrived.  We are not a perfect community but we are a mightily blessed one.  The Spirit is moving in our midst, He has gathered together some of the most faith-filled, faithful people that I’ve encountered. There is endless amounts of untapped potential in people that are sitting receiving but not yet serving in our Church.  And there are people just waiting to hear the Gospel (Jesus lived, He died, He rose again, He appeared to me!) in our community – young/old/everything in between!!!!
I understand that some of you with think that this report of our parish is naive.  But let me share a short account from a story in 2 Kings 6, where Elisha the prophet seems in big trouble with an army descending down the valley to capture him and his servant is understandably panicking! I love what it says in 2 Kings 6:17, “Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”  My prayer is that you would see what I see, a church with tremendous potential if we start realising (what the song says) “the things that we could be”.
But I’m not just concerned with the unreached and unknown stars, I’m also concerned with the one’s already discovered!  We must be a family that loves one another.  Can I remind you that nothing we do is meaningful unless we have love. Otherwise we’re just a clanging cymbal/an unpleasant racket!!  I have seen some beautiful unity since I’ve arrived in the parish, but we still have work to do (and always will). Romans 15:7, “Accept one another as Christ has accepted you, for the glory of God.” Ephesians 5:21, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.  Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted.”  Again these are things that I’m dreaming that we could be!
So please do feel sorry for your Rector who’s losing sleep dreaming about your potential.  Let’s look up at all the stars, and remember that the words of Philippians 2:14-16: Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God…then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.”
Let’s shine, so others want to shine too…


Sun morning 4th June with Stuart Elliott

Stuart Elliott enjoyed a fine career in football, starring for Glentoran, Motherwell and Hull City as well as Northern Ireland, but he admits throughout it all his relationship with God was more important than the goals, triumphs and some memorable nights at Windsor Park.

We are delighted to be welcoming him to share his story at Magheralin and Dollingstown on the 4th of June.  Invite your friends to join us.

Parish Celebration Service & Lunch

Sunday 21st August at 11.30am

Magheralin Church Hall

Parish Celebration Closing Service


Followed by light lunch to say thank you to the Zeiders family and to acknowledge our two Ordinands Geoffrey (Titch) & Graham

For catering purposes please sign up for lunch at any of our services or, alternatively let the parish office know by Tuesday 16 August at mid-day.

Call on Him

Call on Him

Sunday 26th June @7pm.

An important time of prayer for the staff, volunteers and God’s work in Magheralin Parish. The evening is divided into two halves with a break for food. It will be a family friendly event.

7:00 pm – Refreshments to start
7:10 pm – 15 mins worship (Led by Graham Hare)
7:25 pm – Testimony: kids & youth work
7:30 pm – Prayers for kids & youth work

7:40 pm – Hot-dogs Cafe Church style

8:05 pm – 10 mins worship (Led by Cafe church)
8:15 pm – Prayers for the Parish
8:30 pm – Prayers for Ministers – Ziders and Genoes
8:45 pm – Prayer ministry for healing & worship

9:00 pm – Ice-cream & relax
9:30 pm – End

Note: this is our evening service for Sunday 26th June.

Appointment to Magheralin & Dollingstown

Sunday 08 May 2016

The Revd Simon Genoe, currently Vicar in Lisburn Cathedral in the Diocese of Connor, has been appointed incumbent of the Parish of Magheralin in Dromore Diocese.

The date of the service of institution will be announced in due course.

Simon is pictured right with his wife Zara.

Lisburn Cathedral Rector Canon Sam Wright and his wife Paula (left) and the Curate, the Rev Simon Genoe and his wife Zoe (right) pictured with the lead singer of the London Community Gospel Choir.

Sunday 10th April – Simple Faith

Simple Faith flyer

A special Sunday evening service is to be held on Sunday 10th April at 6:00pm in St Saviour’s, Dollingstown.

Our special guests will be Simple Faith.

All proceeds from the evening will be in aid of Charlene’s Project.

Simple Faith

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