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      Last Sunday of the month Cafe Church@7:45pm

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      Evening worship@6:30pm weekly. (Early morning Holy Communion on 4th Sunday of each month 8:30am).

Job Vacancy – Youth Outreach Worker


Do you have a vision for sharing the gospel with young people, teaching them to follow Christ and to become More like Jesus?

In Magheralin Parish we plan to appoint a full time, accomplished, youth outreach worker who has:

  • A passionate desire for evangelism and community outreach
  • Ability and experience in development & delivery of outreach programmes
  • Ability to plan ahead and organise multiple programmes & develop a team of volunteers

Salary c. £19-21k plus potential accommodation in parish.

More information on the Parish is available at and

Youth Outreach Worker JD and PS

If you share this vision for youth work and would be interested in serving Christ through Magheralin Parish, please contact Mark Bailey for an application pack. Email: Tel: 07896271564

Closing date for receipt of applications is 12 noon on Friday 4th May 2018

Interviews for shortlisted candidates are scheduled for Tuesday 22nd or Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

The criteria outlined in the Person Specification may be used to shortlist the number of applicants for interview.

Applications are welcome from any mature Christian (a genuine occupational requirement under Section 7 (3) of the Employment Equality [Religion and Belief] Regulations 2003).

Holy Week 2018

It will be amazing during Holy Week, each evening in Magheralin from Monday to Friday (26th-30th March) at 8pm, to look at the gift of Christ’s SACRIFICE.  A sacrifice that was “filled with Grace”, was “for all”, was “urgent”, “holy” and “completely voluntary”.  Do join us for these special evenings to hear more about God’s Amazing Grace!

A Word from Simon – Goodness Gracious!

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about ‘GRACE.’

Many people “say grace” before meals, acknowledging their daily bread as a gift from God. We are grateful for someone’s kindness, gratified by good news, congratulated when successful, gracious in hosting friends. A composer of music may add grace notes to the score. Though not essential to the melody, these notes add a flourish whose presence would be missed.  We also learn about a word from its opposite. Media outlets talk about celebrities and politicians  “falling from grace,” a truly despicable person is described as having no “saving grace” about him.”

But grace is a word that we Christians have a special love for.  We receive God’s Rescue/Riches At Christ’s Expense.  I love what writer Philip Yancey writes about the word ‘grace’, he says “it contains the essence of the gospel as a drop of water can contain the image of the sun.”

Isn’t that a great image? These 5 letters carry the essence of the gospel.  I recently heard from a friend about Christmas Day at their house, the kids were so excited to run down and open their presents and the 2 boys went straight for the 2 big wrapped parcels under the tree.  They excitedly tore off the paper and were thrilled to find a pirate ship each! They ran up to their parents and wrapped their arms around them, thankful for a better gift than they had even dared imagine – at which point the parents said to them “Wait, there’s more under the tree!”  You see folks, grace is an ocean of God’s goodness – there’s always more! Because of Christ’s death and resurrection – there’s always more under the tree (don’t forget the cross is classified as a tree in the New Testament!).  

It was amazing to have our in-house parish weekend with John and Annie Hughes, and to hear such marvellous teaching on the grace gifts of holiness (he makes us like Him),  unity (he can make us ONE), and intimacy (he’ll bring us close to the Father).  It will be amazing during Holy Week, each evening in Magheralin from Monday to Friday at 8pm, to look at the gift of Christ’s SACRIFICE.  A sacrifice that was “filled with Grace”, was “for all”, was “urgent”, “holy” and “completely voluntary”.  Do join us for these special evenings to hear more about this Amazing Grace!

I love the symbols of baptism and confirmation that we use within the Church of Ireland.  John chapter 1 talks about grace on top of grace – and this is so true in these symbols.  Regularly we have baptism which symbolises the need for the washing away of sins and the need for new life in Christ – it is amazing to offer this to infants when we are promising as a Church to help them on that journey towards their own conversion, and beautiful to offer it to adults as we will on Easter Sunday, to mark people’s arrival after that journey, ie they have come to Christ and want to celebrate it!  And if baptism is GRACE, confirmation is more GRACE on top!! It will be great to have the Bishop coming to Magheralin on Pentecost Sunday Night, the 20th of May, to pray the power of the Holy Spirit over our candidates, and should be a powerful night of celebration for the whole church!

So forgiveness from Jesus is grace, the power of the Holy Spirit to live for Jesus is grace over grace!  I wonder have you unwrapped the gift of salvation yet? Have y ou had a taste of his grace?  The symbol of baptism is very important, but it is only a symbol whether you get it as a 0 year old or a 100 year old – the key is, have you got the grace?  And if you have received the grace gift of salvation, are you satisfied or do you want more of God’s grace? Remember because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, there’s always more under the tree!

Praying that you have a meaningful Holy Week and Easter, discovering the empty cross and the empty tomb afresh,



General Vestry Register

The General Vestry Register

will be open for revision from

13th January 2018


13th February 2018

A review of Vestry members will be carried out in February. Forms of Declaration are available from the Rector and churchwardens from 13 January to enable any one not registered to request registration. 

It is not necessary to register every year.

Bishop Greg sharing with us!

We have a special guest speaker in November!

On the morning of the 19th November, I am breaking our usual custom of JAM/Click all-age services, to accommodate an amazing Bible teacher who I am delighted to be hosting. 

The Most Revd Greg Venables, Bishop of Argentina and Primate of South America, will pull no punches and is a speaker not to be missed!


Another Madmen Event!

MADMEN goes ‘Healthy’ (well sort of – tea/coffee + eats always available) on Friday 17th November at 7:45pm in Dollingstown Lounge!

Dr Dickie Barr will be sharing some information on specific aspects of men’s health, how to look after yourself better and answer any questions you may have.










Branson meets Linton- well done Dave

Entrepreneur and parishioner of Magheralin and Dollingstown, Dave Linton, recently found himself sharing brunch with Virgin founder, Sir Richard Branson.

Dave founded social bag brand, Madlug (Make a Difference Luggage), in 2015 after discovering that most children in care transport their worldly belongings in bin bags.

The company operates a ‘one for one’ model so that with every bag purchased, one will be given to a child in care.

This summer, Madlug embarked upon an ambitious crowdfunding campaign through Virgin Voom. They were in competition with other start–up companies to raise the most money and win a prize of £1,000 and brunch with Sir Richard.

Madlug set itself an initial target of £10,000 and was leading the competition right up until the very last hour until its competitors received some very large pledges to leave Madlug in 3rd position.

However, this was not the end of the story because earlier this month, Dave did get to have Brunch with Branson and share the Madlug story with him.

Even better, the Crowdfund campaign ran for another 24 days and finished at an incredible total of £24,595.

This money has enabled Madlug to give well over 1000 bags to children in care so that they don’t have to carry their worldly belongings in black bin bags, as is so often the case for the 93,000 young people in care in the UK today.

The bag itself is unbranded to avoid stigma. It folds away to fit neatly into a sock drawer or a Social Worker’s car boot without wasting storage space. And each bag has a label that says “You are incredible” to remind every child that they have value, worth and dignity.

For more info on Madlug go to

Men’s Alpha cancelled tonight

Due to the storm the Men’s Alpha Course in the Edenmore Country Club is cancelled tonight, Monday 16 Oct.

So light the fire, put your feet up and drink some hot chocolate!

See you next week.