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General Vestry Register

The annual review of the Register of Vestry Members will take place on Tuesday 11 February. To facilitate this, new declaration (application) forms will be available from the Parish Office from Friday 10 January and in both churches from Churchwardens from Sunday 12 January. A copy of the current register will be available in both churches from Sunday 12 January for any one who wishes to check if they are already registered. If you are over 18, are either resident in the Parish or are an accustomed member and contribute to Parish funds, in a manner which can be receipted, you can complete a declaration to apply to be registered as a Vestry member. There are separate forms for resident parishioners and accustomed members. If you are in any doubt which category you fit into please complete both declarations. Forms must be returned by 7pm, at the latest, on Tuesday 11 February. By being registered as a Vestry member it enables you to be nominated to serve on the Select Vestry and to vote at our Easter General Vestry.

All parishioners who meet the foregoing criteria are encouraged to register. If your name is already on the register you do not need to reapply.