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Home Groups

Small groups meeting in homes weekly with a purpose of helping each other to grow to be more like Jesus together.

Home Groups seek to play a key role in developing a rhythm of life for people within the parish, reminding us that we are called to follow Christ wherever we are. Living with rhythm helps us to see God in every moment of life, and to hear the voice of the Spirit calling us to come and follow in the footsteps of where God already is at work, inviting us to join in. In that sense it is also a call to mission, in sharing the good news in our local communities and in the wider world. Home Groups help to create a higher level of accountability to one another. They enable growth, as individuals become part of a group and journey together, listening to each other, challenging individuals to share life, rather than to privatise it. Home Groups are by no means the perfect formula – how could they be as they are made up of people, but they work best when we accept both ourselves and other people as they are.

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