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Harvest Appeal 2012

One of the principles of the Jewish Harvest festivals was the idea of “More” which fits so well with our current series.

When they harvested their crops, they gave the very first fruits (and vegetables, grain, animals etc) to the Lord in the confidence that God would give them “More” and that they knew they could depend on the Lord to provide. In the same way God gives us the Holy Spirit and the grace in which we now live as a first fruits down-payment that he will in turn give us the great inheritance he has in store for us.

But what has this got to do with the many of us who are not farmers, and of course, those who are?

It reminds us of the principle that all things come from God and of his own we give him (1 Chronicles 29). Isn’t it amazing that everything we have, or think we have, has been entrusted to us by God. That’s a great privilege and a great responsibility.

But there can be great joy in saying. “Lord, help me to use what you have given me both wisely and well” and then returning it to him.

Moneys collected through the Harvest Appeal, whether in the special envelopes in the FWO packs or in any suitably marked donations, will make a difference across the world – supporting mission and ministries and helping to build God’s kingdom.

In these times of financial concern – many people will have to think very seriously about giving to this special appeal. We do not take this lightly but hope that even as we depend on the Lord for provision we might be able to trust him to give More as we do likewise.