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Summer Madness Closer Event

Summer Madness is launching at St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast on 8th December

The amazingly popular 4 Kornerz are back over from London to pump up the celebration and set the tone for this Christmas extravaganza; Aaron Boyd (Blue Tree) and Ryan Griffith will be rendering a few of their own alternative carols and David Dickenson (Youth Alpha Ireland) will pull the evening together with a seasonal word of hope for next year at Glenarm.

So, you’ll get time to visit the city centre for some Christmas goodies then can pop in to the Cathedral for a little light refreshment as the programme gently begins to build up from 6pm with some mulled wine and mince pies; formal kick-off at 7.30pm.

There’ll be a chance to take advantage of the early bird prices for next year’s festival and hear all about the ‘StreetReach On the Move’ in L’Derry – adding five extra days to your SM experience – in theUKcity of culture no less!