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The beginning of my time in Magheralin & Dollingstown

When I first came to Magheralin and Dollingstown I did not know very well what to expect. It would certainly be different from home (Brazil) but also different from Dublin, where I lived for three years. Although in the same island, Dublin and Northern Ireland seem two worlds apart and to start a new job in a different context is never easy. My first days were filled with mixed feelings. Part of me was a bit anxious about my start but I was also filled with good expectations. When I decided to come to Northern Ireland I knew I was not coming on my own strength but God had directed me in this way. And there is no better assurance in your heart than that given by the Holy Spirit, so I had a good reason to look forward to it.

I have received a very warm welcome from both congregations and from the staff team that has made me feel at home.  I am settling in well and gradually starting to know people better. Sharing a flat with Rebecca has been a real blessing as well as the friendship I have encountered in colleagues in The Red Door. I am also visiting a few homes and different activities in church to discover what happens during the week. Church is very lively so there is a lot to do!  I know it is still going to take some time for me to find my feet so I will appreciate your prayers for my next year in the Parish. Let me also know how I can best serve you.


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